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Couples Counseling or Relationship Issues


This therapy focuses on improving relationship satisfaction and conflict resolution between two people in a platonic or romantic relationship.  Therapy can help the individuals decide what their goals are, and then provide strategic ways to reach those relationship goals. Whether this means parting ways or figuring out what it'll take to make the relationship work, a huge benefit of this counseling can be the expressing and clarifying of feelings.

  • How long have the problems been occurring?

  • Do all individuals want to save the relationship?

  • Have fights ever turned violent? Is there abuse?

  • Do all individuals feel hopeful the relationship can be saved?

  • Does any individual entirely blame the other person for the problems?

  • Are there individual behavioral health issues that need to be addressed?

  • Is there fear of communicating with each other?

  • Is there resentment?

  • Is there lack of trust?

  • Is any individual keeping secrets?

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